Texting Community - FAQ

Texting Community - FAQ

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What's the purpose of this community?

The purpose of this community is to provide a service to those struggling with mental health or just need an extra boost in faith and motivation.

There's apps out there, why use a texting platform?

Apps are absolutely great, but it's easy to swipe away, ignore and never come back to it. When we get a text, we are more obligated to check who it is and if we swipe away; we typically revisit the text later. 

What time are the texts sent?

The Verse of the Day is sent everyday at 7:30 am MST. I will typically send a motivating faith quote around 8:00-11:00 am MST. I will rarely send out a text later than this, due to being courteous of everyone's time. I do plan on spending more time within the community and will offer multiple time slots for the Verse of the Day. Coming soon!

Why are donations asked for?

Unfortunately since this is a texting platform, the rates are high. I pay about $900.00 a month to send out these texts. As more members join, the more expensive the texting platform gets. Currently, we have 20k members. If each member donated $1.00, we can keep this platform completely free for a full year. When we have a community as strong as this, we can do a lot when we all collaborate together! I would love to improve a way to fund this platform through sponsors or other ideas - please reach out to me @ reallivehim@gmail.com if you have any suggestions!

Do I pay myself from the donations?

100% of the donations go directly to funding the platform. If there is any excess funds, I put this in a savings to cover future months. I do plan on spending more time on this platform to provide different times for the Verse of the Day, respond to more questions, praying for more people and overall improving this platform. When I do start paying myself, I will be sure to be transparent with everyone. 

How can we support you individually?

I am currently building a faith brand that brings more awareness to mental health. I would love to see this become a more common brand, so we can't only showcase God and His love, but we can support those who are struggling with mental health. We are meant to be a billboard for God and His love, a great way to do this is through what we wear. It would mean the world to me to see more people represent my brand, Live Him. If you are an artist and would like to an opportunity to create designs under a paid position, please reach out to me @ reallivehim@gmail.com


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