Texting Community Update - Talked with Platform Hosts

  • Live Him

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to provide a quick update on the conversation I had with the platform hosts. 

The billing structure is completely changing. With the new structure, I would be paying about $25,000.00 per month to send out the same amount of texts per month. With this being said, things will unfortunately have to change if we decided to keep this going. 

The way the new billing would work is that I will be paying $399.00 per month as a flat fee and then $.015-.02 per message sent (I have 20k members so .015-.02 * 20k = $300.00-$400.00 per text). 

So, I wanted to see everyone's thoughts before I proceed. Clearly, paying $300.00 per text per day is not accommodatable unless we get sponsors. So, I was thinking about doing the Verse of the Day on my website everyday and send out one mass-text per month. This would bring our costs to about $700.00 a month. I do plan on creating an app, so until then this would be the most cost efficient way to keep the Verse of the Day to continue. 

I am more than happy to listen to thoughts and ideas, so please message me on Instagram with anything you have. 

As always, I will do everything I can to provide more help to those having struggles with mental health. This is my passion and I love being a servant to God's people - this is what I was called to do. Regardless how this turns out, you can count on me to be creative on moving forward and providing more resources for you, your friends and your family.