Texting Community Update - 7/2/2022

  • Live Him

Hey Everyone!

I'm creating this post be transparent on why the texting community has been down for so long. It's been a difficult few weeks trying to reestablish everything, you all have been extremely patient with me - thank you all so much. You all have been such a blessing.

Why has the texting community been down?

As you guys know, I utilize a service called Community. It is a platform that you have to be invited into. Throughout the years of utilizing their services to send out the Verse of the Day, the structure has been changing constantly. Recently, they had a limitation on how many texts I can send per month.

This was quite frustrating as this was implemented during the middle of the month and I had already sent over 700,000 texts; therefore, they did not allow me to send anymore texts. They didn't provide any notice, so I wasn't able to send one last text to everyone explaining everything unfortunately. 

I have been constantly trying to schedule a time with the owners of the platform to talk about next steps and increasing this limit so everything can continue without any changes for you guys. After scheduling 4 meetings and having the owner cancel on me all 4 times, it sounds like we finally will be talking on July 5th.

During this downtime, we have had over 1,000 brand new members!! It is clear that God is doing amazing things through this platform and it is getting shared to more and more people. It is such a blessing to see!!

So far, the billing has increased to $1,100.00 from $900.00 a month, this is something that I am going to address during the meeting on July 5th. Once I have this meeting, I will create another post explaining everything that was discussed. 

Currently, the limit has been reset and I can send 600,000 texts this month (I typically send over 1,000,000 texts per month). So, at least we can get the Verse of the Day going again until the meeting. 


Once again, you all have been incredibly supportive and understanding during this time. I am happy to say that during this downtime, I have been working on something special for you all. It will really showcase to everyone how impactful this platform has been. I am expecting to have this out after July 5th with the new update. 

I want to thank everyone for your support to keep this platform going. Like I have said many times, God is doing such incredible things through this and I am just blessed to be able to be apart of this journey with you all

I will continue to fight endlessly to keep this platform consistent for you all. If changes need to occur, I will gladly work around those changes for the benefit for each and everyone of you. If things change, please keep an eye on my Instagram (@TheLiveHim), I will always post my updates there.


If you guys feel compelled to donate to keep this platform running financially, here are the official links to donate.

If you would like to support me individually, rep some of my merch (All purchases support mental health organizations). 


Love you all and I'm praying for you all endlessly, always.